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Brad Howe

Brad Howe

studied at Stanford University and the University of São Paulo in Brazil. His academic focus wasn't originally art, but Brazilian Studies. Once he turned his brilliant mind to making art, he never looked back. Howe is extremely well-known internationally; his work is exhibited and collected all over the world. He is best known for his large installations, such as the 80-foot mobile at the Georgia International Convention Center near Atlanta and the 30 by 50 foot kinetic sculpture for Temple University in Philadelphia. He is represented by Gerald Peters Gallery, Dallas and Galerie Uli Lang, Bilberach, Germany. (

For the first piece in The Frostig Kids Collection, Howe fabricated a mobile out of aluminum and stainless steel. Canaries in the Sunset invites the viewer to make a leap of the imagination: little yellow triangles become a flock of birds floating in delicate balance with colorful, abstracted solar elements. Like any artist who makes mobiles, Howe can't help but pay homage to Alexander Calder. But because he is Brad Howe, his mobile can't help but be a wonderful result of his own unique and personal vision – eloquent, witty and full of vitality.

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