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Michael Kalish


Michael Kalish

attended the University of Rhode Island at Kingson and Kennesaw State University in Georgia. As an artist whose star is on the rise, Kalish received rave reviews for his first museum solo show, “Rust and Renaissance” at the Riverside Art Museum (2009-2010). The exhibition features roses made out of tailgates and hoods of salvaged cars. His installation outside of the museum is extraordinary: roses of varying colors and sizes spill out of a mangled car – both beautiful and thought provoking.

Known primarily for creating astounding wall sculptures and portraits out of license plates, the well-spoken artist has been featured on CNN as their choice for ‘artist on the way to the top” and on CBS news and in numerous publications. Equally impressive is the list of companies that have commissioned Kalish to make large-scale works based on his love of American icons, such as the automobile (Ford Motors), Mickey Mouse (Disney Inc.), baseball (Atlanta Braves Stadium) and numerous sports icons (Nike).

Bloom is not actually an editioned sculpture, but a series of unique metal roses, each one hand-made by the artist. Kalish cut strips from old truck tailgates, bent them into petals and then welded them to form a rose. Not a perfect, sentimental rose with soft, delicate petals to be sure, but a roughly-hewn version with slightly rusted, jagged-edged, multi-colored petals. Their beauty and whimsy blew us away and we are thrilled to feature Kalish’s roses as our second annual Frostig Kids Collection.

Edition of 18

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