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Frostig CollectionFrostig CollectionFrostig Collection


2011 Frostig Collection

David Buckingham


David Buckingham came to make art in a very unconventional way. In the early 90’s, while working as a promising writer and associate creative director in the advertising industry, Buckingham unwittingly began his art education: a five-minute welding lesson from Ray “Coyboy” Kelly, one of the founders of The Rivington School, which Buckingham describes as “a bunch of anarchist welders and poets and performance artists” in the East Village of New York. After years of making furniture, Buckingham decided to make his first piece of art in 2002, a crude metal Easter Island-like mask. Three years later, at the age of 46, he had his first solo exhibition in Santa Monica — a sold out show!

Buckingham has earned a reputation as a “neo-Pop” artist, fashioning scraps of cut and welded metal he has collected from the Mojave Desert into colorful wall pieces, which speak volumes about American mass culture: recognizable movie lines (“You Can’t Handle the Truth”), popular phrases and song lyrics. As Buckingham states, “I spent 20 years as a professional writer, so text and words are important to me and close to my heart. I found that all the things that mass culture had pounded into me for the last 45 years was coming back out… in metal. I made cartoon sound effects from Batman, I made guns of infamous assassins, I re-created in metal some of the old signage I see in my travels around L.A.” Like the artist himself, these works are often raunchy and extremely funny (for example, “7 Things You Can’t Say On TV” á la George Carlin.)

For the Frostig Kids Collection, Buckingham returned to the inspiration for his first art piece — the mask. Ours are colorful, loud-mouthed, lively versions with a strong reference to primitive art — African or perhaps Oceanic — but with a quirkiness that can only be Buckingham. The artist never applies paint (as he says, “I’m no painter.”), but relies on the inherent uniqueness of metal that has been used and abused. Each mask is hand-made by the artist and therefore one of a kind, each with its own particular personality.

Buckingham lives and works in Los Angeles. He is represented by Cain Schulte Gallery in San Francisco. (


Frostig Kids Collection

Series of 25 unique wall sculptures
* No two alike
* Certificate of Authenticity

Price: $2200 each
+ CA sales tax and shipping charge where applicable

Price may increase without notice.

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