The Frostig Collection

2012 Frostig Collection


Eric Johnson received his MFA from the University of California at Irvine. He currently lives and works in San Pedro , California. He has received many awards, most notably a grant from the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation. He has been included in numerous museum shows, among them “Kustom Kulture” at the Laguna Art Museum , and a solo exhibition at the Torrance Museum. He is represented by William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica and Peter Blake Gallery in Laguna Beach.


Johnson attended Cal Arts in the early 1970’s, a pivotal time in Southern California art when young artists were searching for innovative alternatives to traditional painting and sculpture. Dedicated to making abstract sculpture, Johnson would join a group of artists including Craig Kauffman, John McCracken, and Ron Davis, among others, who found inspiration in their surroundings, such as the aerospace industry and hot rod culture. They spent decades making art with machining tools and chemical compounds which were not normally used in the art-making process. The term “Finish Fetish” has come to describe artists’ desire for their artwork to appear machine rather than hand-made and Johnson’s work is a perfect example of this.

Johnson has continued to use resins, plastics and industrial pigments over the years. His current work, in his own words, “merges the passion for depth and structure with an obsession for color and surface.” For example, his highly-successful “Maize Project” (2008-2012) demonstrates his process of choosing a singular form – in this case a kernel of corn – and imbuing each one with its own vibrant coloration, polished to perfection. Johnson invited hundreds of people to his studio to participate in fabricating each “kernel”, and the wide array of colors, especially when stacked together, is truly stunning.

For the Frostig Collection, Johnson created “Etude,” a series of nine resin wall sculptures. Johnson has transformed a simple diamond shape into a complex study in contrasts – the solid, hard resin gives way to a sense of undulating movement, as in a gentle wave. The iridescence of the industrial pigments seem organic, like those one might find in nature, for example, abalone shells or crystallized gems. Once he has polished the resin to a high sheen, the sculpture seems to glow within. Eric Johnson is truly a modern-day genius alchemist, turning plastic into brilliant jewels.

Series of nine resin wall sculptures, colors will vary
* Certificate of Authenticity

Price: $ 2,500 each
+ CA sales tax and shipping charge where applicable

Price may increase without notice.

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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson