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Frostig Collection

Frostig Collection


Frostig CollectionFrostig CollectionFrostig Collection

2011 Frostig Collection

Mike Stilkey


Mike Stilkey rarely paints on canvas. Sometimes he’ll paint on panel or watercolor paper, but he prefers to use historically-significant objects, such as vintage book pages or the books themselves. Discarded library books can’t be recycled because of the glue used for binding, so Stilkey has found a way to give them a second lease on life. His cast of characters range from animals playing instruments to humans whose faces and bodies are slightly distorted and are reminiscent of another country in another time. He plays between whimsy and darkness as if they go together.

Stilkey recently completed a large installation for the Beverly Hills public library which consists of 1,200 painted books and is entitled “Party Animals.” For the Frostig Collection, he is creating ten unique book sculptures all with varying themes.

Born in 1975, Stilkey lives and works in Los Angeles. He has exhibited in the United States as well as internationally, including the Bristol City Museum in the United Kingdom, Bakersfield Museum of Art in Bakersfield, California, and Rice University Gallery in Houston, Texas. He has also created large-scale installations in numerous cities such as: Turin, Italy; Bern, Switzerland; Bordeaux, France; Manila, Philippines; and Hong Kong and Beijing, China. His work is featured in Art Made From Books, published by Chronicle Books. (


Series of 10 unique painted book sculptures

Price: $2200 each
+ CA sales tax and shipping charge where applicable

Price may increase without notice.