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Frostig Collection

 25 in edition Distant Memory Frostig Collection

2011 Frostig Collection

David Trulli


David Trulli’s work is extraordinary. His palette is exclusively black and white, a classically elegant choice to be sure, but Trulli’s subject matter and technique are anything but traditional. Prior to becoming an artist, Trulli was a cinematographer, and every work is informed with his expert eye, creating drama and tension. Not photorealism, but a fantastical world that could have been shot through a camera lens. The viewer looks up from under a table or down onto rooftops. Lamps and pencils loom large in the foreground, while skyscrapers glow serenely outside. Even the lowly chain link is elevated to geometric perfection, entwined with nature’s asymmetrical leaves.

Trulli’s primary (and unusual) medium is scratchboard. Working with wood as a base, he builds upon it with a layer of clay, followed by black ink. With a fine tool, he scratches away the black to reveal white underneath, resulting in stunningly intricate detail.

Trulli had never created a sculpture before, so it is befitting that the bronze he created for The Frostig Collection is a camera. But this is no ordinary camera. The back-side reveals a cityscape virtually built inside of the camera. The hole where the lens would be reflects like a big moon inviting the lucky viewer to take a step inside.

Born in New York in 1960, Trulli lives and works in Los Angeles. He is represented by Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica and Foley Gallery in New York. He has been featured in many publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Coagula Magazine, Artweek and Juxtapoz. (


Edition of 25

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